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QueerCuts: Blake Haney

As a musician and music lover certain moments just stand out to you. I remember the first time I fell in love with a country song (it was Queen of Hearts and I was four), I remember the first time as an adult that I heard ‘alternative country’ and felt like my soul woke up and broke open (it was The Knitters and I was 18). But the watershed moments – they’re rare and beautiful and I was so happy when I heard the title track from newcomer Blake Haney’s debut EP – and I had to just sit back and listen.

The song is ‘Bottle Rockets, Booze, and Boys’ and it perfectly captures those summer moments where the air itself feels alive with electricity, longing, and a delicious danger and you’re drunk on possibilities and the stars that go on forever in the country sky.

Not to mention it’s also a gorgeously produced country standard that practically begs to have folks swaying with lighters in hand. It’s hard to believe that Haney and company recorded in a pal’s home studio – but sometimes – lightning strikes.

Have a listen here to the tune (which has already been charting on iTunes) and discover one of Queer Country’s newest darlings for yourself.



A Honky-Tonk of Our Own


– Cindy Emch