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QueerCuts: Golden Child

As an accordion / guitar player and professional musician I tend to be familiar with a lot of drinking songs. As a country singer and rye whiskey lover I also tend to be familiar with a lot of drinking songs. So when I find a good old fashioned song about booze, ruin, redemption, and some good old fashioned religious rumination all wrapped up in captivating easy vocals and intoxicating guitar work – well I just want to shout it from the rafters.

That my friends is what brings us here today. “Water Into Whiskey” by Golden Child is one of those songs that is just going to capture your heart and imagination. I’ve listened to it about 15 times in a row while writing this up – and every time I feel like I’m standing right there watching this great story of love and heartbreak and drinking and regret play out. Sing-a-long, dance to it, and repair your broken heart with a beautiful song that will get stuck in your head long after the radio is quiet.

More about Golden Child:
Brooklyn-based, Florida-born songwriters Wiley Gaby & Jeffrey Doker set out to carve a space where their seemingly disparate influences could meet, mingle, and ultimately blur genre lines to create beautiful new music. Influenced by classic country storytelling, melancholy pop melodies, and pretty things, the duo formed Goldenchild in the spring of 2014.

They merge elements of classic country and ambient soundscapes with a respectable hint of pop sensibility. The result is “gorgeous, cosmic country” that NYC’s Next magazine calls “damn beautiful.”


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own


-Cindy Emch