Country Queer

Lifting up LGBTQ+ voices in country and Americana.



Country Queer is all about lifting up LGBTQ voices in the country and Americana community. Whether you’re a fan, artist, writer, photographer, or working on the business side, we’re here for you. We believe that country music culture needs to change, to start putting queer folks on an equal footing, and our mission is to help change it.
We think you deserve to feel free to enjoy the music you love while being completely and beautifully yourself.


We aim to give you what you want. The stories, reviews, interviews, and images that make you excited and proud to be Country Queer. Our virtual door is always open: contact us and let us know what you want more of (or less of). And if you can, contribute!


We believe that visibility is the most powerful way to lift up Country Queers. When you walk into that honky-tonk or festival proudly sporting a CQ cap or shirt, you’re making a statement: “Yep, we’re here. Make room, ’cause we’re country just like you. (And if you’re queer, too, well howdy!)”
The bonus is that every time you buy CQ merch, you’re showing your tangible support for the cause.


Dale Henry Geist, Publisher

Dale says, “Country Queer was a natural outgrowth of my professional life in web design, and my abiding interest in American music. It seemed like a good way for me to help change the culture of country music to be more accepting of queer voices. I believe a combination of media, merch, and live events can move the needle on visibility and community for LGBTQ country and Americana fans.”

Dale lives in Sonoma County, California. He’s an occasionally-gigging songwriter whose life highlights include introducing Ramblin’ Jack Elliot from the stage of a Woody Guthrie Centennial festival he produced. He/him.


Sydney Miller, Associate Editor

Sydney is a psychology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (GBR!!), and apart from writing for CQ and serving as the senior opinion editor of the Daily Nebraskan, they like to play guitar, watch the WNBA, and hand-embroider clothes. They/them.

Rachel Cholst, Editor and Podcast Producer

Rachel is an educator, comic book writer, and music journalist in New York City. She produces the podcast and blog Adobe & Teardrops. (Twitter: @adobeteardrops, Insta @adobeandteardrops) She/her.

Adeem Bingham, Editor

Adeem is a cast-iron pansexual in East Tennessee, steeped in the hot waters of roots and Americana music. He/they.

Mya Byrne, Staff Writer

From SF by way of NYC, Mya is a songwriter, poet, trans activist, performer, and actor/director, often seen and heard twangin’ her way across the USA playing her own tunes and/or backing up great artists on various instruments. She/her.

Eryn Brothers, Staff Writer

Eryn is a singer-songwriter, published poet, ravenous music lover, armchair philosopher and ethnomusicologist. Recently featured in the “Bible Belt Queers” anthology, her musings and singings range from country love to being a plus sized queer person. She/her.

James Barker, Staff Writer

James lives in the United Kingdom, studying a PhD on Dolly Parton. He is a big fan of ’90s country and hopes that some day country radio will finally be inclusive of everyone! He/him.

Sean Farragher, Playlist Curator

Sean lives in Denver, Colorado, and spends the majority of his waking hours recommending music to friends, coworkers, and basically anyone who will listen. He/him.

Marjorie Neeley, Strategic Partnerships

“If country music is three chords and the truth, then I am here to help foster that honest connection between artist and fan to create a community that feels like home. Country Queer brings together my passion for music and my out and proud lifestyle.” She/her.