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Buried Treasure, May 28

Kerryn Fields, Kat Hamilton, Sidney Abernathy, and LEO

By Adeem Bingham, Buried Treasure Editor

Happy Friday, y’all! Glad to be back for another installment of Buried Treasure this week. Currently, I’m watching Rissi Palmer perform a concert via YouTube and it’s giving me all the big energy while I catch up on months of neglected emails. 

Annie is relaxing on the beach right now, savoring the surrendering Spring in the shadow of the celestial event of the year; a penumbras lunar eclipse during a blood moon. I’d like to think that you were able to capture some of the magic of the thing and, either way, that inspiration finds you and ravages you with a relentless hope.

This week, I’ve wrangled together a few new songs for you to sink your teeth into as we scramble around behind the curtain pulling levers and twisting knobs for the fundraising events in store next week. 

Y’all drink a lot of water,


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Kerryn Fields

We first covered Kerryn last year when she released “Atlantis” and now she has a breathtaking new single called “Queenie” with a compelling music video in tow. Kerryn has such a poetic and brooding writing voice, full of rich contemplation and delivered with such a unique timbre. “I came here alone / and that’s the way I’ll go.” 

Kat Hamilton / HAUS Music

I met Kat on the internet somehow- it’s the way I met all of my new friends in the last year or so- and I was very excited to plug her album Recovery Songs. Her new project is a compilation of covers of the songs from friends of hers that aims to raise funds for The Trevor Project. I’ll be honest, the album felt like it straddled the line of roots music more than the cover project does but I can’t help but share about this project because it is intensely emotional and really touching. The way Mitchell’s voice breaks on this track makes it feel so absolutely honest. It’s brutal. 

Sidney Abernathy

I’ve had Sidney on my radar for a little while and I find her to be a little elusive. I don’t know where they live or where they’re from or where they recorded this very well-mixed album No Return Address that came out in March. They straddle this line between quirky indie folk and classic country in a way that is particularly satisfying. My favorite on the album is “Those Pills,” although it is worth a full listen. 


Lucy Mills is a queer, alt-country singer-songwriter who performs as LEO and is based in Australia. She released a self-titled EP in November of last year full of ambient folk songs that are really gentle and crisp and, notably, have nothing to do with being a cop. She joins a mounting list of Australian roots artists who have made me to have feelings and I hope you’ll enjoy this 20 minute project.

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