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Buried Treasure, June 11

Pony Hunt, Robert Adam, Freddy Freeman

By Adeem Bingham, Editor

Howdy y’all & Happy Pride Month!

I’ve been binge listening to Hunter Kelly’s Proud Radio on Apple Music and converting rural Starbucks Baristas to our cause as celebration. It’s not exactly the traditional pride celebration of lobbing bricks at police officers but I don’t always put a tree up in the living room either. 

I hope that you’re all staying safe and getting your Fauci Ouchie as it becomes available. I know it’s been a more arduous quest globally than it has been here in the states. I’m pretty sure you can just dumpster dive for a vaccine here in East Tennessee.

However you’re able to celebrate Pride this month, I hope you do so with the knowledge that your sexuality and gender expression are worth celebrating despite the ways they may have been weaponized against you. Also, drink a lot of water- more than you think you need.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own


Pony Hunt

Pony Hunt is the ghostly and delicate expression of Jessie Antonick. The songwriting is strong and the string arrangements time travel with an eerie clarity on her new Cosmic Country single, “Who Are You?” Skipping around the album (out July 23rd), I am delighted by the aesthetics. The production is incredible and paints such specific visuals. This is one that would be worth grabbing the vinyl pre-order on Bandcamp.

Robert Adam

Robert Adam is a singer-songwriter whose press materials boast of his capacity to pull a wrench and pull a look with equal capacity. He’s kind of a cowboy Troye Sivan and, yes, he is very beautiful. But the strength of his lead single, “Let’s Do This Again,” would grab my attention if no photograph were attached. There’s a subtle banjo, big and cinematic strings, and subdued percussion as he sort of casually laugh-sings the lyrics. Like, the song feels like a flirt. It’s delightful. 

Freddy Freeman

Freddy is a NYC based artist who created Bearapalooza in 2002 and has recently released what he describes as an “electro world gospel album.” The new album is interesting and less campy than his previous releases. It definitely feels like a sincere direction for him but not something that we would usually cover here. However, he as this amazing song called, “I’m Here, I’m Queer, and I’m Country” that definitely feels like cowboy drag and it’s exaggerated and fun as hell and I wanted to share it because it’s new to me and it feels like a lighthearted note for my first ever Pride Month Buried Treasure.

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