Country Queer

Lifting up LGBTQ+ voices in country and Americana.

Submission Guidelines

Country Queer does accept unsolicited pieces as well as pitches. You may contact us at with your submission.

  • Types of pieces we publish
    • Song/Video Review
    • Song/Video Preview
    • Album Review
    • Think Piece/Book Review
    • Interview
    • List
    • News/Announcement
  • Length:
    • Song/video review or preview: 250-500 words
    • Album review or preview: 500-750 words
    • Interview: 1,000-2,000 words
    • Think piece/book review: 1,000-2,000 words
    • List: 8-12 embeds with intro pgh and 1 pgh/embed
    • News/Announcement: 250-500 words
  • Please include images if possible. You may find them press-approved images in press materials, on the artist website, or on their IG or FB accounts. (Do not use images that were shot expressly for other media outlets!)
  • Please include links to embeds (tracks or videos)
  • Do not use footnotes; use links instead
  • If I have forwarded you press materials, please make use of them (quotes, images, links, bios)
  • When possible, link to previous CQ interviews and profiles of artists mentioned in your piece
  • When mentioning an artist in your piece, please do not link to their website or other online presence (unless the context calls for it), except:
  • When previewing or reviewing a recording, please end the piece with a link to where the recording may be ordered, along with its date of availability (if already released, that date is “now,” as in “available now.”)