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Weekly Roundup, November 20

Welcome to another installment of our Weekly Roundup, where we bring you the latest tracks from LGBTQ+ artists in country, folk, and Americana.

This week, we’re diving into these stunning new releases from Bobby Dove, Lafemmebear, She Returns From War, Kelsey Hunter, and Carly Ann Calbero. This particularly mellow week will have us all sniffling into our tissues.

– Madeleine

Song of the Week: “Sometimes It’s a Lonely Road” by Bobby Dove

Bobby’s gentle voice takes us through a journey of love and loss on a lonely road. The accompanying pedal steel guitar underlines the sentiment as we picture rolling clouds and thunderous storms while the track washes over us. Soft and harmonious…we’re left to trek on this lonely road.

“Float Inbetween,” by Lafemmebear

The mind behind the recent “I’m A Survivor” Reba remix just dropped a beauty. It glides from a mellow close-mic’ed acoustic guitar intro to a chill beat with dark undertones – “Feels like there’s too much pain here in this space.” Escape is what’s craved – to be able to “Float Inbetween.” A highly relatable sentiment delivered in an idiosyncratic setting. What could be better?


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

“Snakeskin Boots” by She Returns From War

Tender and introspective, this track takes you on a spiritual ride through Americana. Soft, mellow vocal harmonies play off one another, making this track perfect for slow dancing in a dark room. Bound to make you want to get into your snakeskin boots.

“If I Could” by Kelsey Hunter

This stripped-down track by Kelsey Hunter takes us through the speaker’s pained journey to protect their loved one from harm. The vocals are clean and light, cutting through the soft strumming of the guitar. Smooth, silky, and sweet, this track is perfect for those lonely nights.

“Alive” by Carly Ann Calbero

“You / Set me on fire” are the opening words to this track about a relationship that’s deeply alive and awake in the moment. When the drums come in, we can’t resist shaking our heads along to this absolute bop.

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