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Weekly Roundup, November 13

Welcome to another installment of our Weekly Roundup, formerly known as Buried Treasure. Watch this space for fresh tracks from LGBTQ+ artists in country, folk, and Americana.

This week, we’ve got an impressive list of new releases from Lauryn Peacock, The Moon Shells, Celine Ellis, and Rainbow Girls. This eclectic bunch is bound to add some hipness to your day, so let’s have at it!

– Madeleine

Song of the Week: “Anything Once” by Lauryn Peacock

Soft and confessional, this track on Lauryn Peacock’s upcoming album, “I Know a Place,” leaves you breathless and wanting more. There’s something about the acoustic accompaniment in this that feels as though there’s an admission of hesitant feelings. When the snare comes in, it evokes images of slow-dancing in a burning room. “Love’s / Gonna find a way,” Lauryn declares, and we’re inclined to believe her.

“Fall Away” by The Moon Shells

“Fall Away” is The Moon Earth’s funky little single off of their upcoming album, Earth. There’s interesting instrumentation to be found here, as well as a cool combination of Appalachian traditional music and West-African harmonies. There’s lots to love in this track, and it just makes you want to get up and start dancing.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

“Without Me” by Celine Ellis

This confessional country track is an essential listen for those who are feeling a little heartbroken right now. “Tears on your face / No longer mine to dry,” she tells us, and we’re all inclined to recall days of love and sorrow ourselves. This acoustic track with attitude to gets right into the nitty-gritty of what it means to be heartbroken.

“Free Wine” by Rainbow Girls

This track from Rainbow Girls’ upcoming album, Rolling Dumpster Fire, is a standout. Their harmonies blend beautifully, and we’re inclined to run into a field, trailing fire after us. “You’re on my lifeline / Sweeter than free wine,” they say, and we can only wonder as to the story behind this sentiment.

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