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Crowdfunder Keeps CQ Going!

By Dale Henry Geist

I’m tickled to report that Country Queer lives to see another day – and, with a little luck, a whole bunch of them.

At the end of October we had less than $300 in the bank. It seemed certain that we’d need to shut down right then and there. There was only one way to keep it alive.

So on November 1st, I launched a crowdfunding campaign, with the goal of funding CQ for several more months. Now that campaign is drawing to a close (I haven’t actually closed the yet, so if you’ve been meaning to donate, jump on it!), and although we did not hit our $50,000 goal, we did raise north of $28,000, which means that we are still very much alive. ( for a breakdown of how the funds will be spent.)

I could not be more appreciative of everyone who pitched in to keep CQ going, and everyone who spread the word. Thanks to you, CQ lives.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Just as importantly, rather than having to shut down, this will give us a little time to find a new home for CQ.

You heard that right: after some intense soul-searching, I’ve decided to part ways with CQ, and am, therefore, in the process of searching for a new home for it, one that can ensure that our beloved Country Queer will thrive for many years to come.

I could exhaust pages – and your patience – with my thinking process, feelings, questions, commendations, etc., but here’s what it boils down to: in the words of Pete Seeger, “To everything, there is a season.” And the season of my stewardship of CQ is naturally coming to its end.

Thank you for being there. Long live Country Queer!