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Buried Treasure, December 4

Featuring Emilia Quinn, Charlie Mountain, and Kyler O’Neal

Hey y’all, 

The holidays are nigh and I am perched at my desk by the light of a fir scented candle with a belly full of eggnog. My cob pipe is full of cherry tobacco and there is frost framing the windows of my studio. While the Northeast is unseasonably warm, here in East Tennessee we’ve already experienced our first (and last?) snowfall. 

I hope that despite the emotionally taxing corners of this year that you are finding time to protect your energy and use it wisely in outlets that pour back into you. Whatever feelings the seasonal shifts evoke in you, I’m sure there’s a song ruminating on that very experience. I’m still shuffling through in search of some seasonal reflections but these here are hitting me in the sweet spot. 

Be gentle with yourselves and drink a lot of water.

— Ol’ Deemie


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Emilia Quinn

Emilia is an Americana songwriter based in Leeds. She started writing songs at only 11 years old and soon after joined a rock band and began to shape her sound. Her new EP Firecracker was released in July of this year with a Parental Advisory sticker (lovely little nod to Tipper Gore) and a short collection of songs that straddle the line between rock and country with accessible melodies and a hint of a twang. Today, she releases two new singles ruminating on kindness, love, and creating a better world. Check ‘em all out on Bandcamp. 

Charlie Mountain

John-Allison Weiss- the wizard behind the curtain- is a singer-songwriter and “trans rambler.” I’ve never seen such an eclectic array of hometowns but that’s an archetypal burden of the artistic spirit. Charlie Mtn. is a tremendous talent full of honky tonk heart and it’s all on full display on the GD EP. “If you’re god damn ready / it’s about damn time,” is sung with such assured urgency from this gender outlaw that you’re bound toward foot stompin’. Stream it now below.

Kyler O’Neal

Kyler is a Cincinatti native and ministers’ daughter who resides in Los Angeles where she works in the entertainment industry wearing all of the hats. She has a new collection of poems out called Pity Party and has just premiered her first music video ahead of an EP release. “Satan’s Tears” is a ballad that exists at the unique but not uncommon intersection of practicing Christianity and being Queer.