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QueerCuts: The Wanting

The Wanting – queer americana music from New Orleans

Nothing stirs my blood and soothes the dark waters of my soul like some solid southern gothic music. Add in that the band is from New Orleans, has tight harmonies, sweetly melancholy ballads, and are super queer, well I’m absolutely smitten.

The Wanting is a new sound emerging from the Deep South, with their hybrid medley of nostalgia and popular culture. They are a self-described ‘queer folk band’ firmly in the americana tradition of folks like Sundown Songs, The Dead South, Devil Makes Three, etc. They have just released their first album and while their official music video has them resplendent in gender bending country garb – I wanted to share this in-studio video of theirs for the song ‘Chapels of Dust.’ The intimate setting and simple live set-up absolutely won me over. See for yourself!


Cindy Emch



A Honky-Tonk of Our Own


Want to know more? Their official bio reads as follows:

The Wanting is a Southern Gothic Folk trio based out of New Orleans.  The bands name and style are an ode to the “high, lonesome sound” of old time American music with a finely crafted modern emotion.  Their kindred harmonies plunge into the depths of a sparse and dark musical aesthetic, creating a sound and a sentiment unmarkable by time.  Incorporating elements of early twentieth century music such as classic country, old time, gospel, and traditional bluegrass with modern elements of the esoteric, the occult and the unknown.