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QueerCuts: American Queer Podcast Edition

Saturday morning is often my podcast time. Where I strap on some Cocaine & Rhinestones, or Popaganda, or or or and just let my brain learn about something new. Imagine my surprise today when I found out my collaborator here at StrangeFire has a new podcast out! While it was all Headphones On, Coffee Hot – let’s listen!

And folks – I was so incredibly impressed. It’s called American Queer and it’s 12 episodes of a gay man’s journey out of fundamentalist Christianity into becoming his true self. Kevin James Thomas lays it all on the line here – going into deep familial history and personal experience as only a great storyteller can. It’s a wonderful listen and personally gave me faith in the strength of our personal journeys and shone a light on some of the strange, painful, and beautiful ways that we come to our own path.

110% recommended.

-Cindy Emch


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