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Ryan Cassata Brings the Holiday Spirit with “It’s Christmastime”

Get into the holiday spirit with “It’s Christmastime,” the newest song and music video from LA-based openly transgender singer/songwriter Ryan Cassata. Cassata’ new video, directed and produced by Growl Studios out of Hollywood, takes viewers on an adventure through Los Angeles during the Christmas season. Cassata and his band members are seen performing and traveling through iconic locations such as Venice Beach with graffitied palm trees, the Santa Monica pier and it’s famous and glowing amusement park, the Americana Mall in Glendale with the gigantic Christmas tree and many other prime locations that are recognizable to tourists around the world. The video leads up to Ryan discovering a Santa hat on the sidewalk, like a scavenger hunt to uncover the ultimate Christmas surprise.

Filled with classic-sounding Christmas chord progressions and vocal melodies, the song feels familiar and nostalgic, matching the childlike excitement one feels as a little kid in the weeks leading up to Christmas. However, the pop/rock beat and Ryan’s stunningly unique voice make the song something totally new and creative without losing the fun and catchy nature we expect from the musical canon of Christmas. The modern influence also makes the song more accessible for listeners from every background. Even the Grinch would appreciate the magic and warmth of “It’s Christmastime.”

Written by Skylar Bauer


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