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Sanderling premieres debut single, “Marigolds”

By Sydney Miller, Associate Editor

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Sanderling is an alt-folk duo from Austin, Texas made up of power couple Annie Nirschel and Russ Stone. They met in the back of a queer bar and started dating a few months later. After being together for a few weeks, the couple decided to hide out from the pandemic together in Russ’s childhood home. When they ran out of things to talk about, they started making music together under the name “Sanderling.”

“Marigolds is a manic earworm that captures the feeling of setting a bridge on fire and then trying to blame the ocean first,” the duo said of their melodic piano ballad. 

Annie is a strong advocate for anti-depressants and confrontation. She wrote the lyrics accidentally while trying to write an apology note for the ways she treated someone during a panic attack. She brought the song to Russ at the end of his work day as a professional poker player and he came up with the music. 

“The song is a reluctant apology to people we love so much for the things we do when we are broken down,” the duo said.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

“Marigolds,” Sanderling’s first official release, will hit the streets on October 26. Until then, you can listen to the song exclusively right here.