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Country Soul Songbook Summit Starts Today

By Alyssa Donyae

Country Soul Songbook has announced its second annual Country Soul Songbook Summit that will be taking place from December 9 – 11, 2021. Created with the intention of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators leading the conversation, The CSSB Summit is a call for gathering and engaging in vital conversations and accountability practices within the Country/Americana/Soul community and the music industry at large.

CSSB Founder Kamara Thomas says “We need BIPOC and LGBTQIA creatives to lead the conversation, instead of waiting around for the ‘invitation to exploitation’ at the hands of a profit-driven music industry that has no incentive to do anything but tokenize us, water us down, keep us in line, and homogenize our art and our viewpoints.”

Roundup Reel from the 2020 Summit

J Rees, Queen Esther, Jake Blount, Joy Clark, Rissi Palmer, Marcus K. Dowling, Jett Holden, Neffy (NPR Tiny Desk Winner 2021), Kamara Thomas, and plenty more have already confirmed their attendance. And with panels like “How Country Music Uses Nostalgia to Bolster White Supremacy,” a workshop on “Ethnographic Songwriting (with Kristina Jacobsen and Kate Reid)”, and a Documentary Film Screening Event – “Stay Prayed Up: A celebration of harmony, fellowship and a church gospel noisy crew”, you will not want to miss this weekend. Register now!