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Allison Russell Inks Book Deal

By Abel Muñoz

Photo Credit: Francesca Cepero

Allison Russell, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, will once again have the chance to wow audiences with her lyrical prowess – but this time in the form of a memoir. Russell recently signed a deal with Flatiron Books. According to Variety, her memoir will “cover some of the same territory as her solo debut album Outside Child.”  The Flatiron team was captivated by Russell’s “talent and greater mission to help others and bring healing to this world.”

As reported in Variety, Russell acknowledges that writing and reliving some of her traumatic experiences “will demand a lot of me emotionally and will be tough. But I also feel ready and compelled to undertake it.”  Fans of Outside Child wait with anticipation for the healing power and elegance that is sure to flow from her pen in this memoir.