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“Show Pony,” Orville Peck

Prince of Cowboy Camp’s EP Will Feature Dream Duet with Shania

By Mya Byrne, Contributing Writer

For many of us in the camp camp, it’s a dream come true: Orville Peck and Shania Twain have teamed up for a duet on Peck’s next EP, Show Pony, to be released on Columbia Records on August 14th. The latest video from the EP, “No Glory in the West” (below) is out now, and it’s a fine one. 

“‘Show Pony is like the middle sister between what Pony was and what the next album will be,” Peck told us. “It’s gonna make you laugh, it’s gonna make you cry and hopefully it’s gonna fill you with some of the Pride I found in writing it.”

We can’t wait for the full release (featuring Peck’s cover of the Bobbie Gentry classic, “Fancy”), and to hear what he does with Twain on their song, “Legends Never Die”. Here’s more of the Masked Marvelette: “Like all country albums, Show Pony is a little collection of stories – some sad, some happy – and I am excited for people to hear it. Working with Shania was a dream come true. Her music was a huge influence on me.”

In the midst of global chaos, 2020 seems to be the year that queer country is breaking down even more barriers than we ever thought possible. The news of an icon like Shania duetting with one of our favorite out artists has us dancing under a flurry of glitter. (Socially distant, of course.) Queer Country Agenda ftw!


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

An earlier version of this piece included the term “Yeehaw Agenda”. We have since learned that the term is specifically used to identify Black cowboy culture. We regret this error, and apologize for our appropriation. To learn more about the origins of this term, go here.