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Cidny Bullens Sets Release Date for LP “Walkin’ Through This World”

Veteran Americana Artist to Release First Album Since Transitioning

By Adeem Bingham, Contributing Writer

We recently highlighted his song “The Gender Line,” which strikes at the heart of the gender binary, but now have a date for the stunning collection of songs that Cidny Bullens is set to release this fall. On August 21st, Cid will present us with “Walkin’ Through This World,” a manifestation of his life’s journey towards living into his truth.

Featuring performances from Rodney Crowell, Beth Nielson Chapman, Mary Gauthier, and his daughter, Reid Bullens Crewe, the album is padded with staggering talent and bursting with heart. It’s not every old Americana record that gets soaked in the praises of Sir Elton John, who says, “Cidny has laid himself bare – and the results are wonderful!”

We asked Cidny for his thoughts on his album: “No one who isn’t transgender understands it. How can you? People who aren’t don’t ever have to ask the question: what am I? You just are. Well, we just aren’t. We aren’t the body we were born into. We aren’t what you see, what you hear, what you think. Some of us figure it out early, some later, some have carried it to their grave. Others have been killed because of it. Sometimes the gender line is hard, for others it is fluid. But it exists. It is very real. Are you a boy or are you a girl? It’s an easy answer in a binary world.”

Pre-order “Walkin’ Through This World” from Cidny’s website today. Available on all major services on August 21.


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