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Queer Cuts: Little Bandit

#QueerCuts: Little Bandit

So I’m starting my day – listening to the Strange Fire podcast – and a song comes on that sparks my imagination, makes me stop drinking my coffee, makes me dream of an immediate roadtrip to Nashville full of dreams fulfilled and broken and late night whiskey and long night dancing til the sun comes up and I’m like WHO IS THIS BAND? Turns out it’s Little Bandit.

Standalone amazing, they are getting a lot of love from iconic alt-country label Bloodshot Records as they’re opening for Bloodshot darlings Banditos and Sarah Shook in Nashville this month.

Their most recent album got them listed in Rolling Stone twice last year, once as a Top Ten Country Artist to know, and once as Top 40 Albums of 2017. Damn!

They sing the gospel of heartache and I’m a believer. Check it out and welcome to the queer country church of Little Bandit.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

-Cindy Emch