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CQ Roundup, December 20

By Madeleine Tomasoa

Welcome to another installment of our CQ Roundup, where we bring you the freshest tracks from LGBTQ+ artists in country, folk, and Americana.This week we’ve got new tunes by Autumn Nicholas, Sarah Shook, Elizabeth Wyld, Secret Emchy Society, and Harper Grae! Grab a blanket and feel the warmth with these tunes that are perfect for the holiday. 

– Madeleine

Song of the Week: “No Mistakes,” Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers is a honky-tonk band with a punk spirit, and “No Mistakes” is a rueful honky-tonk stomper. Shook’s dry, hard voice is right up front, declaring their intention not to fuck things up this time. The conviction comes through: we believe.

“Dealing,” Autumn Nicholas

“Dealing” by Autumn Nicholas takes us on a journey of introspection. The soft drums and lush instrumentals cue us into a world boiling over with anxiety and self-doubt; a situation that is far too relatable. Ultimately, it’s a tale about deciding who you want to be, and not letting others hinder you from that path.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

“I Think About You,” Harper Grae

Harper Grae’s “I Think About You” is a soft ballad, conjuring up images of late golden-hour drinking while thinking about our loved ones. “What we had’s long gone / Yeah I moved on,” Grae declares, and we can only look forward to what the future holds.

“The Devils of Wine and Whisky,” Secret Emchy Society

Secret Emchy Society’s “The  Devils of Wine & Whiskey” takes us down a naughtier road, making us reminisce of bar floors and drinking, smoking, and singing through the night. It’s a playful track that has a wonderful melody and an even catchier hook.

“Auld Lang Syne,” Elizabeth Wyld

Elizabeth Wyld’s cover of “Auld Lang Syne” is an instant classic, perfect for the holiday season. The first half features Wyld’s soft voice, accompanied by just a piano, before swelling into a reverb-drenched female chorus for the second go-round. Sweet on the ears and makes for great holiday listening.

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