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Black, Queer, and Hella Country

by Cindy Emch

Black folks making country music is not a new thing. Many music historians agree that both jazz and country music were birthed from the melting pot of juke joints and honkytonks of the American South where pianos were banged, banjos twanged, and basses thwapped by plenty of folks of every color and creed. In the 1920’s however, the young music industry, in the interests of maximizing profit, split this music into ‘race’ and ‘hillbilly’ records, and so began the erasure of African-Americans from country music.

Unfortunately, in today’s musical landscape, this myth is unfairly perpetuated and a lot of pretty amazing music gets swept under the rug and into the shadows. In the interests of shining a light on some awesome Black queer and queer-friendly country artists, I give you a list of my favorites.

Amythyst Kiah – “Black Myself”

Evil – “Slow Dance”

Chastity Brown – “Wake Up”

Luisa Lopez – “They Ain’t Gonna See Me Coming: An American Western”

Kamara Thomas -“Oh Gallows”

Ganessa James – “It’s Only Love”

Lil Nas X – “Old Town Road”

Allison Russell ft. Brittney Spencer & Brandi Carlile – “Nightflyer”