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You can't pair a wine with an album...can you?

10 Country Songs With Big Bi/Pan Energy

By Denver-Rose Harmon, Staff Writer

We’ve given you lists of supremely sapphic and positively gay-ass country songs. Now it’s time for some Big Bi/Pan Energy in country music. While explicitly bi songs are pretty darn hard to come by, gender-neutral songs can be inhabited by anyone. So my focus in this list was on love songs by queer artists, where the gender of the beloved is kinda vague.

Dive into these ten songs that bring big bi/pan energy to springtime playlists. (Psst: if you just want the aural experience, we’ve included a Spotify playlist at the bottom.)

“Up All Night,” Aaron Lee Tasjan

To kick off, here’s a pop-country masterpiece that any bi babe would be proud to blast out of their car on a sunny day with the windows down. “Broke up with my boyfriend, to go out with my girlfriend,” Tasjan croons in a relaxed tone while my chronically-single ass sways along, so caught up in the springtime vibes I could allllmost relate. (Bonus points to ALT for using she/her pronouns for a doctor — we love a woman in STEM.)

“Oh Hot Damn!,” Cameron Hawthorn

Oh hot damn, do I enjoy a good queer honky-tonk song. This song is so hot, I legitimately can’t resist dancing in my seat while listening to it. Hawthorn’s voice is dripping with sex appeal as he describes the subject of his affection with delightfully vague details so that one might picture a love interest of any gender while grooving along. The music video is a bi country dream with gorgeous men and women line dancing. 


You can't pair a wine with an album...can you?

“Sunroof,” Brooke Eden

New love is fertile ground for creating happy music, and Eden does not disappoint with this testament to love’s beginnings. She compares the budding relationship to a beautiful summer day, complete with sunshine and lemonade. Once again there is no mention of gender, (though the video shows Eden’s real-life girlfriend as the love interest); so mix up some cocktails to sip poolside with your lover while you enjoy this carefree song.

“Stay A Little Longer,” Brothers Osborne

I’m still so tickled that T.J. Osborne has joined the fam that I was determined to find a song from this duo to put on this list. It didn’t take long to realize that one of my favorites of theirs fit the bill perfectly. This song is about a friends-with-benefits relationship in which the narrator is trying to deny to himself that he wishes for more. The chorus is a total ear-worm and the outro is a twangy guitar breakdown that speaks to my country soul. 

“Don’t Blink,” Fancy Hagood

Long-distance relationships are hard, but love is worth it. This song is the most down-tempo on the list, but it’s guaranteed to make you pine to dance in the arms of your partner. While it explores the feeling of yearning for someone far away, it’s not a bummer by any means. In fact, the full choir on the final chorus brings is so joyful that I’m buying a plane ticket to an imaginary long-distance partner right this minute. 

“Can We Be Strangers,” Brandy Clark

This is the only true breakup song on this list. I wanted this list to celebrate the joys of being bi, but we all need to cry over lost love at some point. While this song is about wishing to have never met someone, its relaxing, waltzy rhythm feels nostalgic; rather than depressing, the vibe is just emotional and, frankly, beautiful. 

“All-American Boy,” Steve Grand

This song is an absolute romp, so it got the spot as the only cheating song on this list. I want to avoid the idea that bi people are more likely to cheat on their partners, but since the cheating is only imagined and not blatantly acted on, I decided to let it slide in order to include such a great song. I adore the visuals of a bi or bi-curious man holding his girlfriend in his arms while making bedroom eyes at a gay man.

“Space and Time,” S.G. Goodman

This song is as romantic as it gets. I imagine a beautiful, newly-wed, queer couple having their first dance to this lovely tune. Goodman’s upper register soars as she sings about how fortunate she is to simply exist with the person she loves. One of my absolute favorite songs at the moment, I hope it speaks to other bi country queers just as much as it does to me. 

“Rebecca Henry,” Sean Della Croce

Although Della Croce is a lesbian, she penned a beautiful song that captures the feeling of being bi, seeing an attractive person of your gender, and thinking to yourself, “do I want to be you, or do I just want you?” “Rebecca Henry” is a gentle and heartfelt song with poetic lyrics. Although it is very clearly about a woman, I believe my bi friends of all genders can relate to this sentiment.

“Jolene,” Dolly Parton

Alright, so this is not a queer artist. And yes, I know everyone and their mothers know this song. But I simply could not imagine this list without “Jolene”, the most unintentionally(?) sapphic song ever. This certifiable bop walked so “Girl Crush” could run, and that intense guitar riff is one of the most recognizable few bars of music in history. 

Bonus: the whole darn list as a Spotify playlist: