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To Country Queer, With All My Love

Cindy Emch Passes the Editorial Pen

Photo by Charlotte Gutierrez

As Country Queer’s first Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Emch’s contribution has been immeasurable. A woman of staunch integrity and effervescent charm, she was essential in establishing our credibility, and I remain deeply grateful for the chance to work with this quintessential queer country badass. Rock on, Emchy. – Dale Henry Geist

Dearest Country Queer Fam,

I cannot even tell you how amazing the last year with you has been. I’ve met some amazing musicians, writers, photographers, and fans of our little magazine here that have touched my heart, soul, my everything! And changed me in so many ways. What we’re doing here matters so much to folks – and you make it so worth it. I have loved being the monkey behind the madness – finding stories that need writing, sourcing new queer singers from social media or word of mouth, talking to more established musicians and working to get profiles or interviews or fancy video premieres happening. But now I’m passing the reins to Dale, our venerable publisher who has so many cool ideas and so much passion for Country Queer.

I’ve always been a musician first and a community organizer second. I love bringing people together so much, and thankfully have a long history in publishing and editorial so I could do it for you here. But now… my band Secret Emchy Society has an album coming out on May 15, and while I may not be doing all of the touring I had planned to support it, it’s time for me to turn my focus back to my own work and give it the love it deserves.

I’ll still be around writing pieces for Country Queer and helping put together super cool things for you.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Thank you for all of your support and love as we’ve been working to make Country Queer all that it can be for you – our LGBTQ2+ community of bad ass country music lovers. <3

You are the reason why this is worth it. And you are the absolute best.