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‘Queer Americana’ Pt. 2: Ken

By James Dillon III & Ken

We reached out to Maine-based photographer James Dillon III earlier this year about running their ‘Queer Americana’ series on CQ and we’re proud to finally be able to bring it to you.

Photographed on a road trip across the country, Dillon’s series pushes buttons by setting up curious contrasts and juxtapositions, sometimes subtle and sometimes not. It’s a reflection of how queerness feels in our own personal spaces versus how it feels in the larger world around usit is simultaneously familiar and foreign.

‘Queer Americana’ is a reminder of how one size doesn’t fit all. And yet, each of us must find ways of being in the world and ways to feel comfortable in our own skin. It is, at times, challenging.

Welcome to #queeramericana


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Please read Dillon’s primer for the series, visit their website, or consider becoming a Patreon subscriber.

Growing up on the east coast I was always judged by my appearance (masc-hetro). I moved to San Francisco and was automatically labeled as a homo. Truth be told neither are true.

My sexual desires don’t define me as a person. I choose not to label myself because I’m ever evolving. If I was to put a label on who I am it would be as follows:

Sober, Solo Poly, Kinkster, Pansexual, Alpha who is content without having intimate partners.

Don’t get me wrong intimacy is great but I try to look beyond the sexual attraction to others and see if they are a relationship I want to have.

James Dillon III is an artist living in Portland, Maine. A self-styled Renaissance Queer, they use photography, writing, and performance art to explore, celebrate, and challenge the world around them.