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CQ Presents “Queer From Here,” Pt.2: Mary Gauthier

By Lauren Tabak & Mary Gauthier

Welcome back to Lauren Tabak’s “Queer From Here” series, in which Tabak has photographed some of the faces of Country Queer, continuing today with Mary Gauthier. We recently caught up with Gauthier to discuss her new album, which we also reviewed last week. Be sure to read our interview with the photographer where she discusses the genesis for this series, which she refers to as “…an archive of modern queer identity that explores what it’s like to be queer here & now.”

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Mary Gauthier, 60 • She/Her • Nashville, TN

I am visibly queer, always have been. I look the same wherever I go, and could not downplay my queerness even if I wanted to, which, I don’t. I am from the deep south, Baton Rouge/New Orleans, and have had to deal with people’s reactions to me my whole life. I’ve made peace with it. I am comfortable in the world, and do not take on people’s discomfort with my queerness. Being queer in Nashville is the same as being queer anywhere, in the end, love wins.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own
Photo Credit: Lauren Tabak

Lauren Tabak’s “Queer From Here” series for Country Queer will run on Mondays for at least the next two months. For more information about Tabak, go here. For more information about Mary Gauthier, go here.

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