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Buried Treasure, March 6

Lucy Spraggan, Michelle Rocking Horse, Evvan, Carolyn Kendrick

By Adeem Bingham, Staff writer

Hi y’all,

From the former X-Factor star, Lucy Spraggan, who delivers a juicy pop album with nods to roots music to Carolyn Kendrick, master fiddler and gifted songwriter, we’ve got a spectrum of songs that are sure to excite and delight all you babies. 

If you followed our Spotify playlist, make sure to follow the *new and improved* Spotify playlist below as we’ve changed the source for it and will be hosting the Buried Treasure playlist over there from now on. Thank you for listening and for helping spread the word about these fine friends. Take care and drink a lot of water.

– Adeem


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan is a pop singer from the UK but her new album is tangentially Country / Americana and that’s enough for me to give it a little plug here. She’s an excellent songwriter with catchy melodies and great windows-down-rowdy-radio energy. There’s honestly not a bad or boring song on the entire record. “Choices” is fantastic from the jump and doesn’t ever really lose energy. 

Michelle Rocking Horse

Michelle Erin is the voice behind Michelle Rocking Horse and what a voice it is. Michelle’s songs almost sound like Vic Chesnutt having a pass at a Country Standards record. She was crowned “Miss Transgender San Fransisco” 21 years ago but now lives in Nashville, TN where she writes and tours with her rocking brand of Americana. Her newest album even features Bobby Cochran on lead guitar. 


Hailing from Long Island, Evvan is an alternative-folk artist whose new single is full of dynamic punch. An anthem that stems from her yearning to come out, “I’m Not Done Yet,” is a powerful call to honor the parts of yourself that some would ask you to hide. The video is really beautiful and streaming below. 

Carolyn Kendrick

Carolyn is another Nashville-based songwriter of quite some merit. She released her debut album last year and we missed it in all of the madness, but it is gorgeous. It’s incredibly well-produced, though anchored by stunning lyrical turns-of-phrase, awash in a bed of lap steel and ambient guitars. “I’m a metaphor / You’re like a simile / I’m a healthy pour / And you’re like the glass that holds me,” she sings with her warm but airy voice. The whole collection is worth your commitment but I’m offering you my personal favorite to sample.

Spotify Playlist:

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