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Buried Treasure, February 19

The Belle Curves, Kat Hamilton, Roseanne Reid

By Adeem Bingham, Staff writer

Last week, we were all caught off guard by a certain Queer Folk Artist who ascended to #1 on the Christian Music Charts over on iTunes, so Buried Treasure went from low heat to simmer. However, the sauce is now a thick and delicious gravy and I cannot wait to serve it with biscuits. I don’t know what the biscuits are in this metaphor. Your attention? I don’t know.

Point is, I’ve got three songs for you this week that absolutely smash (your emotions). If you don’t already, please follow the Spotify Playlist (at bottom) and show these folks your affection via your stream machine. Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. 


The Belle Curves

As a follower of Delaney’s on Instagram, I’ve enjoyed watching this song evolve from rough take to this production. “February Girl craves the summer,” is kind of my absolute soundtrack right now. The lack of indoor options makes the inaccessibility of the outdoors feel excruciating so the new single from The Belle Curves is rightly timed. Drifting more into indie-pop corners of Americana, the song has a catchy melody which floats on Delaney’s sober delivery. 


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Kat Hamilton

Kat is a west-coast singer-songwriter with an eclectic musical history and a beautiful new indie album called “Recovery Songs” that edges the space between alternative rock and Americana. It’s a raw and brash glimpse of recovery. Pregnant with turmoil, hope, and the reckless ways we try to cope with the hard corners of life, it is a collection of genre-defying, lyrically striking journal entries. The whole album is really stunning but this song is probably the most flush with what we usually cover here (and it’s also my favorite song).

Roseanne Reid

It would be difficult for me to prepare you for the gut punch that is Roseanne Reid’s voice. With rich, warm tones, she sings casually and unassumingly; it’s as if she’s just letting the melody fall off of her lips. The lead single from the Scottish songwriter’s debut album is full of rich harmonies and ambient acoustic tones. Its’ production is gorgeous and the songwriting has a Dylan quality. It’s timeless and familiar but provocative, drifting poetically into abstraction. 

Spotify Playlist:

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