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Buried Treasure, August 29

by Annie Parnell, Editor

Hi all,

I’m on an odyssey through the Southeast this week, taking an unplanned detour in Atlanta after Hurricane Ida disrupted my travel plans to New Orleans. Feeling fortunate to be settled and with friends — so many people, including the very kind (and talented!) Robin Shakedown, have offered me a hand or a couch! Before things got so crazy, we took a lovely pit stop in Nashville, and it’s nice to be fresh out of the heart of country queerdom and sharing my road trip playlist with you all.

This week we’ve got a wide range of genres in the Buried Treasure haul. There’s the soul-influenced whimsy of Larissa Tandy, Adeem the Artist’s socially-conscious Appalachian folk, Becca Mancari’s pensive indie, and Dwayne Jarrell’s rootsy DIY diaries of the West Coast. The vibes range from upbeat to nostalgic, a perfect soundtrack for those late-summer adventures.

I hope you’re all staying safe out there, especially those of you near the Gulf Coast. Hold your loved ones close.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Much love,


Larissa Tandy — “No Fun”

Larissa Tandy’s music videos have such a joy about them, and this one for party-pooper anthem “No Fun” is no different. Watching Tandy take a tour of big cities and natural splendor while sourly posed in a giant goose is hilarious. The photo op also provides a fitting commentary for this song’s message of staying lighthearted and not complaining about your circumstances. The brassy, soul-influenced sound emphasizes that theme — when you’re listening to Tandy’s feel-good tunes and clever lyrics, it’s impossible to stay down.

Adeem the Artist — “Asheville Blues”

Adeem is the editor emeritus of this very same singles column, and their mindful contributions to the community of queer country are innumerable. “Asheville Blues” is a surprise music drop from this week that comes ahead of a tour with American Aquarium, in conjunction with Adeem’s recent viral stint on TikTok. Layered with mellow guitar and banjo and Adeem’s clever talking blues, the song tackles gentrification and culture shock through the lens of North Carolina towns Asheville and Boone.

Becca Mancari — Juniata

Americana-indie songstress Becca Mancari’s EP Juniata has been around since March, but I am majorly feeling it lately — and no, it’s not just because it’s got a song with my name in it! I love the way Mancari is able to flow so effortlessly across genres, from the psych-roots sounds of her debut to more experimental synth-pop work like her 2020 release The Greatest Part. On Juniata, she deconstructs herself, reimagining releases from Greatest Part as folksy acoustic interpretations. These are paired with “Annie,” an atmospheric love song that’s complete with lilting lyrics and yearning strings. Catch Becca on tour starting September 10.

Dwayne Jarrell — “Late Bloomer”

Dwayne Jarrell is a longtime member of the Country Queer family, and his reflective tracks on West Coast Diaries are just as cozy and warm. This one looks back on life and the double-edged sword of taking life at your own pace, through the poetic lens of watching a group of kids ski. “I’ve never been fearless, but I’ve never been hopeless,” Jerrell repeats throughout the lyrics — a dogged reassurance that everyone finds the path they’re meant to take, even if it takes a few twists and turns along the way.