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Ryan Cassata’s Emotional Video About Being Himself: “Daughter”

Singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata explores the relationship with his father in the emotional video for “Daughter” which was sponsored by and debuted on

“I hope for people to understand that transitioning doesn’t completely change who someone is as a person. Yeah, transitioning will probably make someone happier, but they still have the same soul. I hope for trans people to realize that words like ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ really mean the same thing as long as you are loved unconditionally and treated with respect.” Cassata told the Huffington Post.

He continued, “I hope for people to realize that every individual’s transition is different and there’s no set way to transition. We just need to be ourselves.”

Ryan is performing at Bridgetown DIY on July 27th with The Blank Minds and Free Paintings in Los Angeles as well as Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show in late September. All details here: