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Shawna Virago Debuts New Queer Folk Punk Anthem ‘Tranimal’

Shawna Virago is a bad ass. Named one of “25 Hot Femmes” by The Advocate, and called “more punk than the punks” by SF Weekly, she has been dominating the folk punk, trans americana and roots scene since the release of her solo album Heaven Sent Delinquent.

However the Virago revolution is just beginning. With her new music video for Tranimal – a folk punk anthem for those living outside of the gender binary – Virago is poised to win over a whole new crop of music lovers who have been waiting for just this kind of song.

As the video begins Virago’s punk roots come charging to the forefront – leaping off of the screen with intensity and charm. She sings her truth – eyes locking with the viewer – surrounded by motorcycles, wearing an iconic “Support Your Local Girl Gang” shirt, and armed with her guitar  – daring you to join her.

This is an anthem for all of the ‘others.’ It’s not about fitting in – it’s about standing out and standing up, for yourself and for each other. That my friends is the most revolutionary of all. And seriously – I dare you not to sing along.

Check out the new video below- created by Annalise Ophelian (Miss Majors, Diagnosing Difference) a queer-identified, award-winning filmmaker, whose cinematic work focuses on stories of gender and racial justice.


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