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QueerCuts: Emily Herring

The perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer day has to be the torchy twang / western swing stylings of Emily Herring. It’s pretty hard to listen and not get a smile on your face and start looking for a dance partner. Have a listen and see why Emily is quite likely to be your favorite new queer country singer from Texas.

Check out the swinging Austin (Ain’t Got No) City Limits below.

Here’s Emily’s official bio:
“If it ain’t worth saying, it ain’t worth singin.” Emily Herring is a born and bred Texan, with a Marty Robbins yodel and an outlaw sound as big and varied as the state from which she hails. She is equally a player and a lyricist, with influences of traditional country, Tejano, western swing, and southern blues. It is her voice, however, that sets her apart from the rest. Emily pulls no punches. Hers is hard-hitting-no-frills country, sung with a distinctive twang.