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“Noite Quente,” Alice Marcone

By Felipe Oliveira, Contributing Writer

Being the first transgender sertanejo (Brazilian country music) singer is just one of Alice Marcone’s many accomplishments. A profilic writer (she’s penned projects for HBO, Amazon Prime, Lifetime and Canal Brasil), she is also an actress. She’s currently a judge on “Born to Fashion,” a reality show airing on E! about transgender girls seeking a modelling career.

Her musical career is the icing on the cake and allows her to combine her many talents. “Noite Quente,” the first single from an upcoming 5-track EP, finds her not only writing and singing the song, but also acting and co-writing the script for the video.

The video uses folklore to tell the story of a secret love. It begins with the singer waking up in the woods, alone. She goes about her day but reminisces about moments with a lover that we later find out to be a werewolf. It’s an allegory about a hidden affair, a romance that will never see the light of day. In fact, when Marcone walks by the man with whom she spent a ‘torrid night’ (the translation of the song’s title), he’s bothered by her presence in his workplace.

To grieve this abandonment, she goes to the woods again, but this time she engages in a dance ritual along with other queer figures (including a cameo by our very own Gabeu). The performance, which also includes a little voguing, is set by a bonfire. It seems to empower its participants. Alice reclaims her worth, and by the time the man meets her again, she is changed. After another night filled with lust and desire, the video finishes as it started, with the singer waking up. But this time, we see that her partner spent the night and is beside her in the daylight.


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