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Brooke Eden Breezes Into A Gay Summer Romance

By Tyler Morgenstern, Contributing Writer

After a four-year hiatus, singer-songwriter Brooke Eden (“Daddy’s Money,” “I Took Your Picture Down Today”) is back with a trio of breezy summer singles tailor-made for long, lazy days on the beach and even longer nights under the patio lights. In March, Eden launched the first of her reintroduction singles, “Sunroof,” with a glossy, technicolor visual directed by Ford Fairchild. Now, Eden and Ford have teamed up once again for the third and final installment of the trilogy, “Got No Choice.” 

Like “Sunroof” before it, “Got No Choice” is three and a half minutes of pure summer sun. Awash in vivid oranges, blues, and pinks, the video features Eden and her real-life girlfriend speeding across the glassy waters that surround Eden’s hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida, sipping champagne straight from the bottle, and caressing one another under wide open skies. 

It’s a fitting complement to the single itself. Anchored by a bouncing bass line and polished to a high showroom shine by producer Jesse Frasure (Thomas Rhett, Megan Trainor), the track shimmers and sways even as Eden’s brassy vocals drive it forward like an outboard motor. It’s an intoxicating brew that, like champagne straight from the bottle, sparkles going down; a glossy pop-country delight that makes queer love feel as easy as a breeze off the ocean. 

Ford, fittingly, keeps things light. But even so, he rarely misses a chance to underscore the quietly political stakes of this love song-cum-declaration of freedom. As Eden’s voice soars to new heights at the end of the bridge, floating weightlessly above a suddenly thinned-out instrumental track, Ford cuts to a drone shot of Eden and her girlfriend cruising the Florida coastline like two pageant queens in a Main Street parade. It’s sunset, and there’s no one around for miles. For just a moment, the whole world is theirs. 


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Check out the video for “Got No Choice” below: