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“THAT’S HOW LOVING YOU IS,” Donnie Lee Strickland

By Serenidy Pries, Contributing Writer

Soft and sweet, yet filled with yearning. “That’s How Loving You Is,” the new single from Donnie Lee Strickland, hearkens back to a simpler, yet oh-so-complicated time. A time when the honky-tonk was the place to be on a Saturday night. A time when seeing someone across a crowded room made your heart skip a beat. Or the ride home from that school dance, with the first taste of cherry Chapstick on your lips that wasn’t yours.

Donnie Lee Strickland is a country music staple among those in the know. He’s got a style that makes you think of a young George Strait, his sweet melodies delighting folks of every walk of life.

Strickland’s new song feels like something you could listen to with your boss, your friends or even dear old nana and  everyone would find a memory bubbling to the surface.

If you’re searching for a song to put onto your Zoom happy hour playlist, play while you put junior down for a nap, or do a quarantine slow dance with your sweetheart, well, you’ve found it.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own