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Joy Oladokun’s Gentle Kiss-off

By Syd Miller, Associate Editor

Joy Oladokun’s latest single, “wish you the best,” featuring Jensen McRae, is a peaceful and contemplative down-tempo track. The gentle twangs of the guitar that sneak through the tender vocals and strings make for a soothing listening experience. 

The minor-sounding riffs and melancholy verses are someone reminiscent of a Kris Kristofferson tune — if it got hit with a lesbianification beam. 

“Even when your bag is empty / Even when your ego’s bruised / I will never come down swinging / I still want the best for you,” Oladokun croons as McRae provides background harmony.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

This track gives us the delightful rarity in Americana and folk of a duet with two women, and honestly? It should be done more often. It also brings a message of forgiveness and openhearted kindness, which is definitely something we need more of right now.

The bittersweet imagery — “I remember driving through the canyon / Living for the golden hour / Now you’re just another loaded memory” — fits right in with the vocal and instrumental delivery of the song, combining to make a fully realized single that is a joy to listen to.

Oladokun is no stranger to dropping the occasional standalone single — “I See America,” for example — but naming her 2020 album in defense of my own happiness (vol. 1) heavily suggests that a second volume is in the works. Maybe that second volume will include “wish you the best.”