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Fancy Hagood LIVE in Nashville

By Abel Muñoz, Contributing Writer

For the past year and a half, many of us wondered when we would find ourselves in a live music venue again; when we would have a chance to dance again. For me, that question was answered as I found myself in East Nashville in mid-August, eagerly awaiting a performance by queer singer-songwriter Fancy Hagood.  

After an upbeat performance by local artist, Sarah Buxton, Hagood took the stage. Hagood began his set with an a cappella cover of Connie Francis’ “Where the Boys Are,” giving the audience a taste of the evening’s queer journey. Tonight, Hagood played his latest album, Southern Curiosity, in its entirety. The arrangements of each song were very reminiscent of the album, but there was an added depth that can only be experienced in a live performance. The whole concert was fabulous but the following are some highlights.

Hagood’s “Either,” an ode to young love and heartbreak, was filled with more sorrow and sadness and only amplified by his passionate presence. By observing the audience, it appeared that this song conjured up memories of similar experiences.

Another standout, “Same Thing,” truly resonated because it felt like the slow song so many of us longed for in high school, when closeted queer men and women had to hide their love. The only thing that would have enhanced this experience would have been the reflection of the disco ball.  For “Good Man,” Hagood stood alone with his acoustic guitar, adding to the sincerity and intimacy of the moment. The crowd fell silent, completely entranced by the earnest lyrics. 


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Hagood finished his set with “Southern Curiosity,” the title track from his latest LP.  This song struck a cord with this crowd not only because Hagood talks about the beloved South, where we live, but because it also deals with the complexity and intersectionality of being queer in a less tolerant region of the country.

Though quite a few of Hagood’s songs were full of heartache, no one appeared to leave feeling downtrodden.  If anything, we found solace, encouragement and reassurance that our struggle for love and acceptance was not unique. When Fancy Hagood hits the road to promote his latest LP, satisfy your Southern Curiosity and take that chance to dance again.