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The Alchemy of Low Tide

by Al Giesler

Photo by Jeanette Sears
Courtney Robbins (left) and Elijah Oberman (right). Photo by Jeanette Sears

Low Tide, a new project out of New York, has just released their debut record, The Alchemist. The band features long time veterans of the NY Punk scene -Eli Oberman (vocals, violin, mandolin) and Courtney Robbins (guitar) – who step away from their Queer, Jewish, Transgender rock band, The Shondes – to create a new, ethereal sound. Rounding out the project is Fen Ikner (drums, bass, and keys), who also mixed and mastered the album. 

Low Tide recording ‘The Alchemist’

The Alchemist is a gorgeous debut and is the first record for Oberman as a nonbinary artist -and exquisitely showcases Oberman’s vocals, which are a delicate balance of fragility and conviction. This compliments the lush instrumentation of the record, which sets the aural landscape for the journey that Oberman takes us on as the character of the Alchemist. This is their story to tell, but the parallels will ring true for many.

On Oberman’s striking and vulnerable odyssey, we are confronted with both the satisfaction and anxiety that go hand in hand with pursuits of growth, change and self actualization. It reminds us to be patient and to embrace the beauty of our own imperfections as we move towards something better. The album closes with on of our favorite tracks “Map.”

“Make a map out of your scars, all the broken things feel different now. Lay a path and take a stand. Holding all the things that aren’t broken yet.” 


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

The path concludes but the pursuit continues. We can’t wait to follow where Low Tide’s journey takes us next. 

Brooklyn’s Low Tide

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