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Our Podcast Is Here

First Episode of “Country Queer Spotlight” Features Jaime Wyatt

“The podcast that introduces you to rising LGBTQ stars in country, Americana, and folk.” That’s the tag line for “Country Queer Spotlight,” which premieres today, with Episode 1 devoted to certified badass Jaime Wyatt.

Produced and hosted by Rachel Cholst, the force behind the beloved “Adobe & Teardrops” podcast, every episode of “Country Queer Spotlight” is a deep-dive into the life and work of one queer artist, featuring an exclusive interview, deep cuts, and influences. In Episode 1, New West Records artist Jaime Wyatt opens up to Rachel about the intense journey that resulted in her essential new album “Neon Cross,” including her struggles with coming out – to herself and to her audience.

“This podcast has been in the works for months,” said Country Queer publisher Dale Geist, the executive producer of “Country Queer Spotlight.” “We wanted to make sure that we were delivering a great experience to our listeners. We were aiming for casual without being slapdash. I think we got there.” He credits Rachel, editor Alma Contra, voiceover actor Jeremy Leroux, and Paisley Fields, who created the show’s theme song, with providing the essential ingredients that make up the unique feel of “Country Queer Spotlight.”

Episode 1 of “Country Queer Spotlight” is available now on all major podcast services.

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