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The Future Is Queer Country at the All-Star NQAF Showcase

There is a lie in our culture that country music is only for a conservative fan base. “The Future Is…Queer Country,” the 2021 edition of the National Queer Arts Festival Showcase, shoots a hole in that notion. Country Queer is a proud sponsor of “The Future Is…Queer Country,” coming to you on Saturday, June 12, featuring a collection of queer and BIPoC country musicians who prove that Americana and roots music belong to all of us.

This year’s all-star lineup includes Lavender Country, the first out gay country band, Amythyst Kiah, the award-winning singer songwriter from the all-women-of-color supergroup Our Native Daughters, out transwoman folk-punker Shawna Virago, Black country punk musician DeLila Black, the First Lady of Queer Country herself, Secret Emchy Society, and the legendary JBird McLaughlin.

“The Future Is…Queer Country” goes off at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on Saturday, June 12. Tickets are available here.

The National Queer Arts Festival is an annual multidisciplinary Festival held May through July throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each year they commission over twenty performances, visual arts exhibitions, and interdisciplinary showcases and in the process of producing work we support hundreds of artists, technical and production crews. The National Queer Arts Festival is presented by the Queer Cultural Center, a queer BIPoC arts organization. NQAF is the largest queer arts festival in North America.


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