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Music Freedom Day Concert with SONiA disappear fear

International folk-punk legend SONiA disappear fear will be playing a special concert on Tuesday, March 2, as part of Music Freedom Day, a global celebration of the human right to artistic expression.

Freemuse, an independent international organization that defends freedom of artistic expression, conceived Music Freedom Day in 2007 to highlight the role and impact of art in our societies, and to advocate for the universal rights to create, perform and take part in artistic expressions.

This year, by focusing on the theme ‘Imagine A Pandemic Without Art’, Music Freedom Day intends to raise awareness of the challenges faced by artists and performers during COVID-19, and to remind us not to take art, and the space for artists, for granted.

Photo by Lea Morales

SONiA issued this powerful statement in support of the mission: “I join with artists from around the world in Kenya, Taiwan, South Korea and another 36 countries, and, although most of us have never met one another, we are fused together in a common bond: that with the founders of of Denmark – art is not a crime. We do not perform for monetary idolization, we perform with the intent of communicating from our hearts that love is love, and we live to proclaim no more gender apartheid, no more LGBTQ apartheid, no more racism, no more imperialism, and no more punishment in the name of God.”

“Simply said, I Love Out Loud and I encourage everyone to come out of their personal prison cells and be kind to one another. I am an artist and I am blessed giving and taking the opportunity to share my songs and paintings around the planet. is an organization that makes my job and our collective quest easier, because the expression of the freedom in art is not always a given. Freemuse provides a network of artists to deliver their creations, knowing that we have medical and legal blueprint that will support artists when we are beaten and imprisoned – that our voices will not be forgotten even when we are temporarily silenced. Through out history we know it is the visionary who flies without fear that brings humanity forward to embrace each other because we are here, now.”


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

SONiA’s wife and manager, Terry Irons, will also be speaking during Tuesday’s concert. Together, they will bring listeners both the artist’s and the manager’s views on working through the pandemic.

SONiA disappear fear will be giving her live stream Facebook concert on March 2 at 5pm Central.