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Polythene Pam’s Queer Trans Folk Punk Masterpiece

Ok folks – get ready to discover your new favorite queer country / folk punk / americana band!

The most recent release ‘Just Listen’ from the queer trans folk punk trio Polythene Pam is a refreshing burst of humor, self deprecation, goofiness, and damn good songwriting the likes of which I haven’t heard in years. Band members Anna, Coda, & Jen create unique, sensitive, and whimsical songs that – based on the audience at their album release show on June 7th –  leave people feeling hopeful, smiling, and feeling good about coming together – something we all could use more of in the world.


While tunes like ‘Middle Aged Transsexual Theme Song’ may seem like a simple tongue in cheek romp – in the hands of Polytheme Pam the song embraces the hard realities of a trans woman’s life with the humor that turns the song into a universal moment and sing-a-long-able tune that will get stuck in your head for days.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

Their wide appeal is showcased again on the tune ‘Ballad of Gen X’ – a charmingly light and catchy song about day job woes, depression, and isolation that somehow will have you smiling and (again) humming along for the rest of the week. Check out this performance of it from their album release show at San Francisco’s Lost Church

It’s a rare talent to take serious topics and turn them into songs that feel almost silly without disrespecting or dishonoring the material. Like the best in the business – Polythene Pam can make you feel and acknowledge all of the hard stuff they’ve walked through with a smile on your face that sets you up to feel like we’re all in it together. At the end of the day the new album ‘Just Listen’ from Polythene Pam is just full of good damn songs.

Still not convinced? Check out their cover of Maren Morris’ ‘My Church’ and just hear the joy and power of the smitten crowd. And then go buy their album on bandcamp. You won’t regret it.