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Everyone’s Invited to Tayls’ Psychedelic Country-Punk Party

By Dale Henry Geist, Editor-in-Chief

Nashville’s young band Tayls has given us a preview of “Better,” the third single off their upcoming debut LP, Have You Ever? (I’ve Always) – and it’s a ride.

An unidentifiable pulsing wash quickly gives way to the crash of an open electric guitar chord kicking off a fuzzy Beatle-esque riff, soon joined by the raw, rising whine of a fiddle – and they’re off to the races. In the best punk tradition traceable to 60s garage-rockers like The Seeds via The Clash via The Replacements, Taylor Cole snarls out a frustration-laced lyric about the unrelenting inner voice driving him to be, well, “Better.”

Tayls is the brainchild of Taylor Cole and Greg Dorris, who, per the band’s bio, “Dreamt up a larger-than-life, wild folk band with the power to create a loving atmosphere of weirdos and misfits.” The band’s first full-length was produced by Jake Ingalls, whose resumé – The Flaming Lips, Spaceface – is an inspired fit for the eclectic, rootsy psychedelia that Tayls has perfected.

“Better” is available to the public on March 31st. You can pre-save “Better” here.