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Big Fat Holiday Sale

20% Off Everything Now Through Monday

Country Queer merch is important, y’all. Visibility matters. I do my best to make sure the design and execution are highest quality so that you can feel proud walking around in gear that literally says “I’m a country queer”. (Our Etsy shop is a solid five stars.)

We’ve got everything from little stickers up through hoodies, so I know you can find something that’s perfect for your taste and your budget. Isn’t there somebody in your life that would adore a CQ pin, hat, or shirt?

Lastly: this is a vital source of revenue. Merch sales are essential to keeping the lights on over here. So you can rest assured that you’re doing something good when you buy something cool. Win/win.

Starting today, through next Monday, get 20% off all CQ merch on any order of $20 or more at our Etsy shop. Go!