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CQ Sparkly Roses Shirt Drawing: We Have a Winner!

By Dale Henry Geist

Jessye DeSilva, Photo by Dale Henry Geist

We are absolutely tickled to announce the winner of our first Country Queer Sparkly Roses Shirt drawing: the fabulous Jessye DeSilva!

Jessye is a longtime supporter and valued friend of CQ. They’re a gigging singer-songwriter based in Boston, and I was lucky enough to be able to hand them their Sparkly Roses Shirt in person after a gig here in Portland (the Maine one.)

I recently asked Jessye how their new shirt was working out. “This shirt feels like it was made especially for me – I love embroidery, florals, vintage duds, and a bit of sparkle, and this has it all. As a witchy, punky, nonbinary cowperson, I’ve been having all the gender euphoria feels in this gorgeous piece of wearable art,” they said.

Our Sparkly Roses Shirt was created by Jukebox Mama of Nashville as a limited edition for CQ members. We’re giving away one per month to members at the Bandleader level ($24/mo or $240/year) in a random drawing. And you automatically get one if you join at our Rockstar level, $480/year. These are one-of-a-kind pieces, based as they are on vintage Levi’s and Wrangler pearl-snap denim shirts, and they are guaranteed to fit: if one of our existing shirts is not your size, we’ll send your measurements to Jukebox Mama and they’ll find you one that does! The Sparkly Roses Shirt, with its custom chainstitch embroidery front and back, would retail for $225 (if you could get them at retail.)


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own
Yellow Rose version of shirt, modeled by Whit. Photo by Dale Henry Geist.
Jessye DeSilva and yours truly. Photo by Jessie Webb.