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Weekly Roundup, November 27

By Madeleine Tomasoa

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Welcome to another installment of our Weekly Roundup, where we bring you the freshest tracks from LGBTQ+ artists in country, folk, and Americana. This week we’re grateful for this bountiful harvest of new tracks by Joel Brogon, Iris Marlowe, and The Shandies.

— Madeleine

Song of the Week: “Tell Me a Story” by The Shandies

“I’ve been here before,” Natalie says, ringing loud and clear. This triumphant story is told lovingly and passionately…and we are left with many questions. The melodic acoustic guitars serve as a lovely backdrop for the tapestry being woven, as we eventually get a bigger picture as to what the story entails.

“Simple Answers” by Joel Brogon

This down-to-earth, stripped-down track will have you yearning – and longing for more. Joel’s voice weaves delightfully with the guitar as he sings, “The simple answer is / There are no simple answers” – and we find ourselves nodding along in agreement.


A Honky-Tonk of Our Own

“Cowboy Chords” by Iris Marlowe

Step right up and experience old-timey Americana with Iris Marlowe’s “Cowboy Chords”. Cheeky whistling in the intro takes us straight in across sun-streaked skies and mellow yellows across the plains. “You got me singing / Cowboy chords,” Iris sings, and we’re left wondering as to who broke this cowboy’s heart.

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