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You can't pair a wine with an album...can you?

Buried Treasure, August 14

by Adeem Bingham, Senior Editor

Howdy y’all,

I am sure you’re enjoying the smell of your own breath again as you wander the aisles of the Walgreens and keeping that sanitizer in your purse. I’ve been using the propane grill an awful lot to keep the oven from heating the house and we’ve got a large pumpkin ripening on the counter after the plant gave in to the heat.

Autumn is nigh and I am ready for the cool air and the stillness and the somber reflection on my imminent nothingness. I pine in the late summer for the candy apple carnival swell of spice and crackling campfire smell. That’s the resignation of time, of seasons, of watching things die in beautiful, radiant hues.

I think often of that last Magnolia bloom before the tree is felled and the stump burned out. Sometimes, I consider that I am living inside of the flickering last few moments and I try to breathe deeper just to feel it a few good final times. We really do have only so many full moons and alabaster suns rising on the dull horizon of our youth before we go to sleep in a bed of soil, hoping something radiant grows anew. 


You can't pair a wine with an album...can you?

And I hope you know that I am always rooting for you and grateful that we’re all connected through the art and music we commit our misplaced moments towards in cyclical blooms. Please enjoy these songs, share them if you love them, and water yourself like garden so something radiant will grow. 

Your friend,


Sandy Rhinestone

A self-described “Swedish Country Superstar,” Sandy Rhinestone is elusive and eccentric. Their debut EP is a lo-fi sort of shoegaze cosmic Country vibe with clip-clops, electric drums, and overdriven bass sounds. My favorite from the project is “If I Told You That I’m Lonesome” which has a fun little chicken pickin’ lead guitar, heavily affected vocals, and a driving backbeat.

Iris Marlowe

Iris is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter who counts Fleetwood Mac and The Beach Boys among her influences. Her new single “Home” is out this week on all streaming platforms and features delicate strings and a very gentle acoustic guitar part. “I’m never coming home” is sung with a sort of sobering repetition; almost like a meditation that feels sad but empowering.

John-Allison Weiss

I have covered John in previous Buried Treasure installments with their “Charlie Mtn” side project but I after meeting them in person recently, I started digging through their catalogue and have been really enjoying this EP called Death Valley Demos. The EP is very indie-folk and less uproarious than the Charlie Mtn songs but this song “Dust Storm” in particular really makes me feel stuff. They are a contemplative and centered person who is working on a new album that is certain to be incredible. 

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